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Saturday, July 4, 2020
TAC Bathrobe for Kids with License Characters Great bathrobe collection for the kids with their favorite License characters. The sizes are: 4 - 6 years / 6 - 8 years / 8 - 10 years old boys and girls.  
HERE ARE THE BLANKETS FOR 2017 The products are 100% printed polyester, packed in PVC bags. Single size: 160x220 cm, 540 gr/m2. Double size: 220x240 cm, 600 gr/m2
This years Polar Emprime Quilts has been received.
Innovative product! Pique that will keeps you cooler during the hot summer nights. With the natural Krystal Poliol technology while sleeping it balancing body moisture will prevent sweating. This product will absorb your body heat and moisture to keep the skin cooler. Fabric construction: %82 Cotton % 18 Viscous Sizes of the product:  Single:...
From now on you can enjoy your new curtains where after shutting down the light they will illuminate at dark. these are ready made curtains with size 170 x 260 cm, 100% polyester.