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We continue to enrich our GLOW bed linen collection with new designs.
The newest designs from TAC Satin Collection. The products are all 100 % satin cotton.
Mediterranean Protection Association, in order to protect the Anatolian Orchids which are collected extensively for use in ice cream and orchid products primarily engages in projects. Anatolian orchids are faced with the threat of disappear the species. TAC Anatolia Orchid Linen Project aims at contributing to the preservation of the natural treasures. Linens...
We're excited to unveil our new innovation the bed linen who Glow in the Dark. This bed linen was represent in TAC INOVA stand in this years EVTEKS 2016 fair. Be quick and offer this shiny to your customers bed rooms. TAC SATEN NEV.TK CRYSTAL ÇK V02-GRI TAC SATEN NEV.TK RUBY ÇK V02-GRI
TAÇ Güneşe doğru - to the Sun This is Saten collection which was represent in EVTEKS TAÇ INOVA stand