A unique creation, Valeron is one of the best-known of the international brands of the Zorlu Textiles Group, which is a subsidiary of Zorlu Holding, one of Turkey’s oldest and most experienced corporate groups. First introduced to the world of home textiles in 2005, Valeron has since then given birth to a distinctive look for today’s living spaces with its outstanding color and pattern options and with its innovative and stylish collections. Valeron’s elegance infuses every abode with its presence, revealing a lifestyle that intimates “quality and refinement” at the very first look.

Adhering to a singular and original approach in everything from its logo to the smallest details of its designs, Valeron creates collections that are informed by the philosophy of “achieving excellence and elegance in home textiles”.

Valeron is innovative and extraordinary

Valeron creates enjoyable living spaces with rich designs and a unique style.

Valeron offers unique style and design

Valeron provides an exceptional range of unique fabric, color, and design alternatives.

Valeron means quality and elegance

Valeron creates a sparkling blend of quality and elegance in even the finest details.

Valeron creates a sophisticated harmony

Valeron achieves perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, between new trends and classic designs, and between simplicity and splendor.

Valeron reveals fine craftsmanship in even the simplest details

Valeron offers “affordable luxury” that appeals to exquisite tastes and whose simple and stylish designs make them distinctive in home textiles.

Revealing an exceptional style in home textiles, Valeron offers a rich line of products that includes everything from bedlinen sets, piques, and bedspread sets to bathrobes and towels and from curtains to decorative items. Fashioned from lush satins, Valeron bedlinen sets bring the magnificent elegance of Ottoman palaces into your home while offering a wide range of embroidered and lace-trimmed as well as printed and colored models and a huge selection of different options for those wishing to create an elegant and unique look in their bedrooms. Valeron collections appeal to every taste and decorative approach, be it modern with lively colors and dynamic patterns, or classical with bedlinen sets decorated with lace and guipure embroideries and shimmering tones of gold or with a wide selection of colors and patterns.

The refinement and elegance which the Valeron Curtains Collection brings to every corner of the home is especially enhanced by its graceful silk designs while extraordinary combinations of sheer and drapery fabric colors and patterns make it possible to personalize living spaces. Valeron allows you to subtly underscore the elegance of your curtains with your own combinations of superior-quality and splendidly patterned and colored decorative pillow and throw and runner accessories.

Along with the soothing effect afforded by simple, earth hues, Valeron also creates a lush appearance with its attention to lustrous details. In all the collections that it offers, Valeron remains faithful to its underlying style embodying simplicity and elegance. In addition, Valeron also exhibits its extraordinary vision in exclusive collections that it puts together based on its impressions of every season’s new trends and on products specially created for it by different designers.

Having originally established its reputation for elegance in the European home textiles market, Valeron is now appearing before consumers in Turkey at Taç Concept and Linens stores as well as at its Nişantaşı store in İstanbul. The object of strong international appeal in Central Asian countries as well as in European countries, Valeron label products are sought out today by customers at more than 200 locations in nearly 50 countries.