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Friday, September 25, 2020
TAC Cotton Blanket Collection for 2018 Printed | %50 Cotton - %50 (Acrylic/Polyester/Viscose) Single size: 160x220 (500gsm) Double size: 200x220 (500gsm)
The newest collection of TAC Licensed Blankets of 2017 for the season of Autumn / Winter. The products are 160x220 size, 100% polyester, 540 gr/m2
HERE ARE THE BLANKETS FOR 2017 The products are 100% printed polyester, packed in PVC bags. Single size: 160x220 cm, 540 gr/m2. Double size: 220x240 cm, 600 gr/m2
Here are the TAC Embos Blankets for 2017 Autumn / Winter collection The products are 100% polyester, 650 gsm. Sizes: 220x240 cm. The packing comes with exclusive BOX. CHLOE GRACIE