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A leading maker of home textiles with giant manufacturing capabilities and world-famous brands

With its own giant curtain and home textile manufacturing facilities, marketing company, and world-famous brands, Zorluteks Tekstil (Zorluteks Textile) is one of the leading producers of textiles for the home.


Zorluteks Textile’s Operations

Zorluteks Curtain Weaving and Knitting Plants

Zorluteks Textile was originally founded in the 1980s as a manufacturer of knits. The level of product quality that was achieved however and growing demand from customers nourished explosive growth and it fueled investment in new machinery, capacity, and personnel. At the same time, the Company’s weaving and knitting machinery was modernized with new, state-of-the-art electronic equipment and this advanced technology had a further impact on production quality.

The investments made have resulted today in a factory with 60,000 m² of enclosed space in which the Company’s primary knitting, weaving, and warp production departments carry out their manufacturing activities with a machine park of 290 units consisting of 23 Raschel warp jacquard knitting machines, 133 Sulzer (dobby-eccentric) machines, 60 Dornier dobby machines, 54 Somet jacquard machines, 6 Dorner jacquard weaving machines, 8 warp-knitting machines, 1 sample warp-knitting machine, 1 hooking machine, and 4 transfer machines.

The Company employs an in-house R&D and product development team of 16 people who come up with an average of 30 new patterns a week while its archives contain more than 47,000 jacquard-knit and more than 34,000 jacquard-weave and dobby patterns. Such efforts contribute greatly to a highly diversified product line and make it possible for the Company’s curtain fabrics to address the widely different tastes and preferences of its domestic and international customers.

Zorluteks Curtain Embroidering and Finishing Plants

The curtain production plant, whose foundations were laid in 1982, has 60,000 m² of enclosed space and a modern machine park with which it manufactures for the domestic market as well as for the markets of other countries. Consisting of two main sections–embroidering and finishing–the plant exports 48% of its output to many different parts of the world such as the USA, the EU, Eastern Europe, Japan, South Africa, and Russia. The remainder is produced for such leading Turkish labels as TAÇ, Linens, and Valeron. The Company has a total annual production capacity of 80 million m² of curtain fabric and it can turn out 2 million sets of curtains a year.

In the embroidering plant, knitted fabrics and buckram are embroidered using advanced technology. This plant’s annual production capacity consists of 5 million meters of embroidered, guipure, and guipure appliqué curtains. In addition to these activities, the plant also produces lace for garments and upholsteries as well as tablecloths and quilted bed covers. Curtains may be manufactured with raised cordonnet by means of a gimping system that allows spangled, thick, and slub yarns to be used for embroidering, guipure, and guipure appliques. Six of the 26 embroidering machines in the factory are Epoca 5 units which have both the ability to operate with several differently colored yarns and automatic yarn cutting features. These machines are also equipped with a new-technology laser cutting function, which makes it possible for laser-cut + embroidery combination curtains to be manufactured for the first time in Turkey at the Zorluteks Curtain Factory.

The finishing plant, whose annual production capacity is 35 million meters of fabric a year, puts embroidered, plain, jacquard- and dobby-weave, and Rachel-knit gray goods through various production processes such as washing, fixing, dyeing, trimming, crushing, pleating, and printing. The finishing plant produces plain-dyed, transfer-printed, pigmented, and devore and flock-printed (etched) curtain fabrics as well as curtain fabrics to which a crushed effect has been given. The goods processed by this unit are systematically monitored and tested by the Company’s own process control team or by an independent laboratory in order to ensure that they satisfy customers’ requirements. Only those that pass this rigorous testing are shipped.

Zorluteks Textile Home Textiles Production Plants

Zorluteks Textile’s home textiles production facilities became operational in 1997 and consist of four factories: weaving & knitting, finishing, and two separate sewing plants. The Company is Europe’s biggest integrated manufacturer of cotton textiles for the home. In home textile production facilities with a total of 130,000 m2 of enclosed space, the Company manufactures 94 million meters a year of a wide range of home textile products such as comforters, piqués, pillowcases, bedsheets, bed quilts, tablecloths, bedspreads, cotton curtain fabrics, towels, and fitted bed sheets and pillowcases from knitted fabrics.

In its weaving plant, the Company employs a total of 138 German Dornier-made air-jet looms consisting of 28 jacquard, 14 dobby, and 96 eccentric machines capable of weaving fabrics in 280, 340, and 400 cm widths. In the knitting section, the factory’s 17 Monarch round knitting machines together have a production capacity of 9 tons of supreme fabric a day.

In its finishing section, the Company dyes, prints, and finishes 300,000 meters of cloth a day. In the same section it also employs a mercerization process in its best-quality satin and percale fabrics to achieve the highest possible degree of luster and dimensional stability. The plant contains 2 pad patch dyeing machines for woven fabrics and 9 dyeing machines for knitted fabrics.

Zorluteks Textiles is one of only a very few manufacturers in the world today that is able to print in 20 colors on rotary presses (5 units) and in 16 colors on flat-printing presses (5 units) up to 320 cm widths in all cases. In addition to reactive, pigment, and matte-white printing for cotton fabrics and pigment-printing for polyester-cotton blends, its plants also produce dispersion-printed microfiber and polyester products, etch- and dispers-printed curtains, and pigment and glitter-printed and embossed voile curtains.

In addition to these methods, Zorluteks Textiles is also a world leader in the use of photographic printing systems. This new system makes it possible to reproduce any photograph on cloth in reactive and pigment dyes using trichromatic or hexachromatic techniques in whatever dimensions may be desired with zero degradation in quality. Three-dimensional patterns, which are the newest trend in fabrics for the home today, are now being implemented for the first time in Turkey and are being offered to customers in the form of Zorlu Textile comforter products.

Thanks to the use of digital printing technology in conjunction with classical printing techniques, samples can be produced in as little as a day’s time while high-quality reactive, pigment, and matte-white printed samples can be made up using classical printing methods.

The CPS Color Physical Value Measurement System that became operational in 2008 and the Epsilon Automatic Dye Kitchen that is fully integrated into it together make it possible to achieve whatever color a customer might want in a single try. By working in tandem with the Automatic Dye Kitchen that is used in production, the Epsilon Automatic Dye Kitchen ensures color consistency in both samples and final output.

The Company’s own in-house test laboratory performs complete physical and color-fastness testing on all of its production processes. For the conduct of physical tests, the laboratory has its own conditioning room with an automatic pipetting machine which ensures that dye solutions are measured out and prepared without error and in a standardized way.

Fabrics that have undergone and passed rigorous testing are cut to the desired widths after which they are transformed into finished products in the Company’s own sewing plants.

In the Company’s sewing plants, consisting of 50,000 m2 of enclosed space including the 20,000 m² of the Hometeks Sewing Plant in the city of Denizli, 250,000 meters a day of printed and dyed-fabric sheets, comforters, pillowcases, fitted sheets, sleeping sets, piqués, bedspreads, and towels are sewn and packaged. A total of 1,750 people are employed in the sewing plants. Manufacturing is both by hand and by automated machinery. Both quality and production speed have been increased through the use of two automatic bedsheet sewing units, five automatic pillowcase sewing units, two automatic comforter sewing units, one automatic length hemming and cutting unit with straightening device, and two semi automatic side closing units. The ceiling-mounted “Eton” conveyer system used in the sewing plant increases production speed while also improving product quality by allowing fitted sheets and comforters to be transported on two separate lines.

Zorluteks Home Textiles ships 78% of its production to other countries with the remaining 22% being sold on its home market. Most recently the Company developed fabrics made from natural fibers such as Modal, Lyocell, bamboo, and Tencel and from blends of these that have been offered to consumers under Zorluteks’ TAÇ, Linens, Valeron and a number of other licensed labels. Zorluteks’ lineup also includes bio-cotton products, in which only organic production and manufacturing processes and methods are used at every stage from growing cotton in the field to finished textiles for the home. The Company’s biofabric production has held international manufacturer certification since 2003. Zorluteks is currently the only manufacturer of 100% organic textile products in Turkey that have been awarded Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification.

Making use of advanced technology to produce environment-friendly and high-quality products, Zorluteks takes pains to maintain quality and to protect the environment in all its activities. All waste resulting from production activities is sorted according to its characteristics and either recycled or else turned over to licensed firms for disposal in such a way as not to harm the environment. Environment-friendly natural gas is used as the Company’s energy source while the steam that is needed is produced by a cogeneration unit. In 2005 the Company once again demonstrated the importance it gives to the environment by increasing the operating capacity of its biological and chemical treatment plants. A “Water Consumption and Waste Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Project” is being carried out to deal with the water resource consumption that is so vitally important to textile manufacturing concerns everywhere in the world. The goals of this project are to minimize water consumption while also developing other recycling alternatives.

The importance that Zorluteks home textile production facilities give to quality, the environment, and occupational health and safety has been recognized by the certifications that they have received. The home textiles and curtain finishing plants have been awarded ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series certificates.

Home textiles and curtains manufactured by Zorluteks are entitled to display the Oeko-Tex STD-100 label indicating that they contain no chemicals that are detrimental to human health Zorlu Textile home textiles have also been awarded a Cotton USA license while the company’s curtain products have received GOTS standart certification in Russia.

With the high production capacity of its huge plants, a workforce of 4,000 people, top-notch product quality, attention given to environmental and employee health, and superior working conditions, Zorluteks Textile ranks among the world’s biggest and most modern integrated textile manufacturing facilities today.

Zorluteks Textile marketing and sales activities

Under the coordination of its İstanbul-based headquarters, Zorluteks Textile markets and distributes textile products in its home market and in CIS countries as well as in other markets around the world.

Holding the home textiles licenses on dozens of famous cartoon and other characters in many countries, Zorluteks controls an important share of the licensed products market as well. The Company manufactures comforter sets and curtains decorated with characters ranging from Barbie to Spider Man and Disney characters and it markets them in many different countries.

Another important mission of Zorluteks Textile is to further develop the market position of the TAÇ label, the leader of the Turkish home textiles sector, and to ensure that its manufacturing activities are able to keep abreast of market developments and respond to changing consumer tastes. According to a study conducted by Nielsen, the TAÇ name has achieved a brand recognition level of 98%.