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Europe’s largest integrated polyester 
yarn and cotton home textile manufacturer.

Zorlu Textiles Group, Europe’s largest producer of integrated polyester yarn and cotton home textiles, continues its activities through 12 companies. Leader in Turkey in textile exports, the Group exports 60% of its production to 58 countries in 5 continents.

Europe’s biggest home textile exporter, and among the top three in the global home textiles market, Zorluteks, is the largest integrated producer of cotton home textiles in Europe. Zorluteks, which consists of four plants comprising of home textile, curtain weaving-knitting, finishing and garment factories, produces 250 million square meters of home textile products per year.

Exporting 65% of Turkey’s home textile production and 34% of curtain production, Zorluteks delivers 18% of its exports and 24% of bed linen exports alone. The market leader in a market of 700 million, exports 62 percent of its production to different markets, primarily to the US, Europe, Japan and Russia; while the rest is sold domestically by TAÇ, Linens and Valeron brands.

TAÇ, the biggest brand of Zorlu Textiles Group, reaches millions of customers in 800 stores and sales points in Turkey, and 158 stores and 690 sales points abroad, with a wide range of products ranging from linen curtains to linen, from towels to blankets and licensed products.

Turkey’s first home textile chain operating in international markets, Linens has 17 stores. Linens stores offer products such as curtains, linens, bedspreads, towels, bathroom products, baby products, tableware and accessories; a complete “curtain installation service” is provided as well.

Valeron, which first became famous in the European home textile market, is now sold in 40 countries across the US, the Far East, the Middle East and Europe.

$ 4 million per year is invested in R&D for sustainable innovation in textiles.

The Zorlu Textile Group, who has spent years on innovation in textiles and has made its mark in the forefront, is investing $ 4 million every year on R&D for sustainable innovation. Two R&D centers at Korteks and Zorluteks host 200 engineers working in all areas of smart textiles, including wearable technology.

Many smart products such as self-cleaning blinds and cloth curtains, cool keeping pique, LED light curtains and QR-coded bed linen that produce content continue to make consumers’ lives easier by using the technology of the future.

We believe in sustainable innovation, we touch our customers’ dreams and we move rapidly towards becoming a global brand in textiles.

About ZORLU Foreigh Trade

Zorlu Foreign Trade, which conducts all foreign trade activities of Zorlu Textiles Group, was founded in 1998. Zorlu Foreign Trade carries out marketing and sales activities in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States with its sales offices and showrooms, and its activities in Eastern European countries from Macedonia and the Turkish republics from Russia. Since 2005, procurement offices in China, India and Pakistan have also been operating in the company to supply raw materials and auxiliaries under favorable terms from world markets.